7 Apps Can Keep You Entertained During Lockdown!

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all of us around the world in many ways. At this moment, the biggest challenge is to #stayhome without getting bored. Most of us just randomly browse Facebook or Instagram to kill time. 

Actually, there are many apps that can keep us entertained. We have shortlisted some useful apps that are mostly FREE.

Google Duo

As myself and KN are 20km away from each other – it is this app that keeps us close. Though there are many apps that offer video call features, we find this is the best. From the stable connection to HD-like video clarity, Google Duo by far the best app for video calls especially for couples. 


Zoom app KLKN Views

I’m sure most of us are aware of this app now. This is really useful for those who #workfromhome. ‘Zoom meeting’ is the most overused word by bosses during this #lockdown. However, it is fun to Zoom calls with friends. Do you know, you can Zoom call with up to 100 people for FREE and up to 500 people if you purchase their full app? Interesting eh!


Housepart app KLKN Views

This is a must-try app with family. It allows up to 8 people and the cool part is they have integrated games. You can play it with your family while you’re on call with them. They have games like Heads Up, Trivia, Quick Draw and more. I find the interface kinda complicated but you will get use to it.


Freeletics app KLKN Views

Yes, it is a Fitness app that everyone should have. It’s like our personal AI trainer. I started using this app during this lockdown and I absolutely love it. It has quite a number of workout video guides for free. However, you can subscribe to their package if you want full access. Furthermore, you can set your target and build your own routine workouts. 


Netflix KLKN Views

No brief needed. It is a MUST HAVE APP during quarantine. Since its about Netflix, check out our list of pandemic related movies here.


Youtube KLKN Views

It’s FREE. Almost all sorts of VIDEOS. Of course FOR EVERYONE. We will write another post on our favourite channels and shows soon. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch our videos.


Archero KLKN Views

My fellow gamers – I got y’all covered. This is what I’ve been playing most of the time during this lockdown – of course beside PS4. It’s really addictive. The best part is – now they have multiplayer, where you can play with your friend. 

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