‘At-Home’ Romantic Dinner for the Special One during Lockdown

Yes, lockdown after lockdown almost in every other country – for almost a year now. I’m sure most of us completed our Netflix watchlist. Probably you and your special one are running out of ideas what to do on weekends as well. You can still make it interesting. YES! Plan a romantic dinner for your partner. 

All you need is the kitchen or dining room to yourself, candles (essential), dinner and some effort. For men, this is the best time to impress your partner.

Set the Table

Simple dining table, candles and flowers is all your need to set the mood. You can do it online and deliver it to your doorstep on the same day. If possible set your room into warm lights – that will create a romantic mood just like in fine dining restaurants. 

Plan Your Meal 

It is important to plan ahead. Know what’s your partner’s favourite. Try to cook (will be even more special). Otherwise you can order it earlier. Stay tuned for an article for Meal Ideas for ‘at-Home’ Romantic Dinner. 

Get Rid of Distractions

Set your phone to silent mode and put it away. Switch off TV, laptop or any other devices that can distract your conversation. Your partner gets all your attention. 

Plan After Dinner 

Make sure you have a place for after dinner. It can be as simple as cuddling, or watch a romantic show on Netflix.

The rest will happen without any plans <wink>.

Finish the day with “I love you”! Use these tips and plan your romantic dinner for your loved one, he/she deserves it!

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