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Best Money Management Apps 2021


This is the easiest app to use in this list. You can monitor your earnings and spendings and set them in categories. Additionally, this app aggregates all your bank accounts and credit card information in one spot. It gives you financial tips and advice. 


This app is mainly built for those who are poor in budgeting. It helps you to monitor where your money goes and what you are spending it for. You can set the budget by day or week. Great app for small business owners. Know how much you spend vs how much you make from this app – it will be easier for you to price your product. 


Most of the financial apps are for individual use only. But Spendee offers you to create a shared wallet with your friends and family. You can manage shared expenses for a household budget. This is a great app for couples and families.


Simply means ‘You Need a Budget’! This is a more detailed budgeting app. It will help you to analyse your spending and tell you what are the unnecessary expenses that can be avoided in future. Moreover, this app offers workshops from industry experts to improve your financial knowledge. Just be aware, subscription is required to unlock all the functions.


This is a great app for small time (casual) investors. Investing can be stressful and intimidating for newbies. Additionally, this app is a zero-commission trading. It is a great app to earn a little extra. 

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