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Best Youtube Channels to Plan Your Workout

Youtube is the most used platform to find all sorts of information – especially fitness & workouts. It is good to hire a personal trainer but honestly we all try to cut down our living cost during this tough time. Hence, the other best option to get tips and workout routine ideas is Youtube. 

There are 1,000s of videos on fitness and workouts. And some are really useless. That is why I have short-listed some of the really good channels and Youtubers that I follow to plan my workout routines.

If you are into fitness for sometime, then you should know this channel by now. One of the most famous channel for men fitness with 5 million subscribers. There are a couple of trainers who show you different types of workouts. They have specific videos for each muscle group. Browse through these videos you will get more knowledge on workouts.

Muscle & Strength

Muscle & Strength channel videos are mostly only the famous body builders, their workouts and diets. They do have workouts routine plans for specific muscle groups. If you are looking for inspiration and some tips from the experts, then this is the place.

Rowan Row

Rowan Row’s channel is pretty much an all round fitness + fashion channel perfect for all men. His videos are mostly very effective bodyweight home workouts. Additionally he has plenty of videos on diet and supplements.

Ryan Humiston

My personal favourite – just because this guy is too funny. He will crack some silly jokes without breaking his badass face. More over, his workouts may look simple, but it is really effective (for me).

Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier’s channel is perfect place for beginners who does not have an idea of body and muscles. He explains how muscle works for certain workouts and how does it help that muscle to grow. Perfect channel for newbies.

Sadik Hadzovic

If you want a ripped body, then you should follow this guy’s channel. Sadik Hadzovic posts some extreme workouts that improve your form better, especially for those who looking for shredding.

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