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Yes, Bubur (Porridge) can be yummy!

Riddle goes by like this: name a dish that can be an appetiser and dessert ? And the obvious answer is BUBUR (porridge). This staple dish is very closely associated with porridge. It’s a commonly eaten in the morning or during tea time. This ‘Chinese’ style porridge is made by boiling starchy plants or grains mixed with water or milk. 

The best of part this dish is the added flavouring from sugar, honey or dried fruits to make it sweet. It is usually served hot in a bowl but some prefer it chill too. As for the vegans out there, this dish is a vegan dish which doesn’t punch holes in the pocket to buy or even to make it.

Bubur Porridge Chinese Style

Unlike the youngsters going crazy over bubble teas, the old generations or those who up for healthy options still look for delicious desserts like this.

Undoubtedly, Hong Kee Dessert Stall at Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya serves the best healthy bubur aka porridges with more than 15 varieties.

bubur Porridge green grain, wheat, bubur cha cha, sticky rice, black rice, corn, yam, red bean and many more.

Go there early to avoid disappointment as the bubur finishes really fast. This stall is run by one senior citizen with few helpers. They all are super friendly in accommodating our needs especially in explaining the types of bubur. They serve all sorts of bubur such as green grain, wheat, bubur cha cha, sticky rice, black rice, corn, yam, red bean and many more. 

Petaling Jaya Seskyen 17, Hawker Centre

In conclusion, one thing can be assured there is something for everyone. The long queue speaks louder than google reviews about this stall. Head over this stall to indulge the local delight with very authentic local experience.

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