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Burger Ramly – A must try Malaysia Street Food

The Malaysian ‘burger’, also known as the Ramly burger, is one of must-try food list for tourists. Loved by locals and tourists, this Malaysia street burger founded by Ramly Mokni.

One of our favourite option Ramly burger stall is Mobile Ramly Burger in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. This ‘abang‘ just started this business months ago and gaining good responds from burger lovers.

Grilled patty is seasoned with black paper and ‘secret’ sauce, then topped with chilli sauce. With options of one or double patties, chicken or beef, with cheese or without. You can also ask for additional egg, where they will wrap the patties. Placed ‘em in grilled bread, add slim sliced cabbage, mayonnaise, chilli and bbq sauce. 

You can find Mobile Burger, opposite AEON BiG Subang Jaya, Selangor. He will start business around 5pm. 

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