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Comparing Quotations for Renovation & Carpentry Works

While the renovation is going on, I thought of sharing the quotations we got from various contractors and vendors for renovation and carpentry works. Since these two are the major budget for any house renovations. We were careful in choosing the right vendors. 

This post is for those who want to know the market price for the amount of wet works and carpentry works. Therefore, we won’t be revealing the company’s name to avoid any copyright issues. 

Wet Works

Extension of the house is the major wet work involved in our house. Check out the design plan and 3D renders from our previous post. We got quotations from 6 contractors. And these contractors are mostly from people who worked around our housing area, and others from online.

We had a few uncomfortable experiences while getting quotations. We didn’t get a good feeling with some of the contractors. Some insisted their own ideas (which was really backdated) to follow and with some others communication wasn’t very comfortable. We rejected two quotations due to the price. Most of the contractors give word of mouth, but don’t want to include what they promise in the quotation. We were very skeptical about that. 

Finally we shortlisted one of the contractors I got from Lowyat.net. After reading good feedback, and their price was fairly reasonable, we decided to give them the project. Before signing the quotation, we visited one of their on-going projects to see their workmanship. We were satisfied with their work there, then we proceeded on hiring them.

These are some of the sample quotations we got from contractors:

Carpentry Works

This was very challenging since there are 100s of options out there for cabinet makers. From extremely expensive and super cheap. We get quotations from tons of it with our 3D drawing for a rough budget. Among all, Signature kitchen was the most expensive one, price almost double than the next company in the list. But their designs and quality can be seen from their works. However we didn’t want to spend so much for that, so we went with another vendor. Price was fairly reasonable and good reviews on Facebook, Lowyat.net, and google. 

These are some of the sample quotations we got from contractors:

We hope this will be helpful to get some ideas/budgeting for your house renovation. Feel free to DM us on our insta, we will share info.

We will be sharing our home owning to renovation journey of our first home. Check out the series of articles here.

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