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Don’t Overlook the MBSA Permit Expenses

For any renovations or house extensions in Malaysia, we need to get local council approval. There are do and don’ts set by local councils which we MUST follow. There are many people who don’t get permits to do renovation and end up paying fines – in some cases, they had to demolish the extended building. 

We were aware of the local council permit and roughly how much it will cost us. But what we overlooked was the architectural drawing requirements by the local council (MBSA in our matter). Which cost us a big lump sum. Hence, we thought sharing this information will be helpful for those who are planning to do renovation. 

Type of Extensions and ‘Buku Setara’

This is where we got confused. We have experience in house renovation with our intermediate house in Shah Alam about 10 years ago. We did extensions at the front and back of the house. All we had to do was get the Buku Panduan Pelan Setara by MBSA which cost us RM50 and the permit cost us RM400+. 

Sample drawing on MBSA buku setara

We assumed that is all we need for the current house. However, the buku setara is not applicable to any side extensions for end-lot or corner lot units. In a nutshell, buku setara only comes with standard extension drawings, you may select one from that and follow it for your house extension. Any side extension will require architectural drawing for MBSA permit submission. 

Architectural Drawing

You need to hire a registered architect to draw your planning. And the drawings and measurements need to be accurate with extended building as authorities will check upon completion. After getting quotations from a number of architects, the lowest quote we got was RM5,200 for drawing + CCC including submission. 

Submission and Waiting Period

After submitting required documents, the council officer will visit your house to inspect before giving the permit in 21 days from the day you apply. You are only allowed to start renovation after collecting permits. This whole process will take at least a month. Having said that, plan your renovation schedule accordingly. We estimated the renovation will complete by December 2021 assuming the permit can be sorted within 10 days. But because of the architectural drawing and MBSA taking such a long period for approval, this will delay the renovation. 

MBSA Permit Fee

Bear in mind, the RM5,200 we pay for architects is excluding MBSA’s fee. This fee may differ depending on the type of renovations. For our case, we paid RM1,700 (bayaran permit pelan bangunan + bayaran proses pelan + bayaran pengurusan sisa binaan). 

In total we spent RM6,900 for the permit alone. For end lot / corner lot owners, allocate roughly around much in budget for house renovation.  

We will be sharing our home owning to renovation journey of our first home. Check out the series of articles here.

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