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Essential Gadgets & Gears for Work From Home (WFH)

Work from home tips

It’s been a bittersweet month mark for everyone for being house arrest with family and fellow furry kids. This Covid-19 pandemic restriction caused many of us to work from home. Their arrangement comes with a lot of perks such as steps away refrigerators, no peak hours traffic and pyjamas bottom meeting are some of it.

Let’s get real THE WORKS GO ON AS USUAL. Therefore, we have listed a few gadgets & gears to make #workfromhome more comfort.

Boost the Internet Connection 

Internet connection will be compromised compared to office connection. Hence, getting a mesh system will be a great option. Three popular option for mesh is listed below:

  • Google Nest / Google Wifi – good reviews so far
  • Netgear Orbi the best mesh networking system but slightly expensive
  • Eeroaffordable, stable, fast mesh Wifi networking  

Comfortable Chair and Desk 

Most of the online platforms are still operating now but expect some delay. After the second week, the lower back and shoulder will start to send smoke signals due to occasional pain. Try to find an affordable range office set up. PS: you can sell it back if you no longer need it after #lockdown

Speakers for Conference Calls

If line of work requires a conference calls almost every other day then investing on a good speaker will be a good idea. Here some of speaker options to improve audio quality:

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Good music is need for a better work environment. Even better if it tunes out all the unwanted external noise. Few recommendation for the best of 2020 

Multiple Charger Pod 

Let’s be real, most of us pay very little attention to battery level. Thus, charging all the devices all together does save us the time. Thse are some of the popular charging stations: 

Conclusion, all these tips will increase work effectiveness as compared to the office environment. So that you can convince your boss for #workfromhome even after lockdown.

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