How to Rebuild the Trust in a Relationship

You can never have a healthy relationship without Trust. As we mentioned in the previous article: Trust is the core of any relationship. Is it possible to fix any relationships once the trust is broken? The answer is can and cannot. It depends how bad is the situation, or how severe was the lie. Nevertheless, the guilty party can always prove the other person that they can be reliable by following these steps.

Admit Mistakes 

Biggest mistake people often make in the process of rebuilding trust is they try to cover more. Remember the more you hide, the more you damage the relationship. Listen, everyone makes mistakes. It will be okay if you are honest and transparent about it to your partner and talk things out. More than you try to hide further – it will end in sour note. 

Be open to your partner, show your vulnerable side, and make them (help them) to trust you back again. 

Be Honest. Always

Be honest about everything. If you think you want your current partner to be in your life for the rest of your life, then he/she deserves all the honesty in this world. Be honest and truthful about your confession. However, If you are caught telling a single lie, no matter how small or serious, your trustworthiness will be diminished. It is okay if that going to hurt them, they will realise at least you are being honest. 

Trust me. They will appreciate your honesty and will forgive your mistakes. 

Be True to Your Words

The key point of building back trust is for the other person to make you believe whatever you say. Don’t blindly give words. Don’t promise things if you know you can’t keep up with your words. It will make the whole situation worse. 

If you promise something and if you keep following your promises, most likely your partner will start believing things you say and start building the trust. 

Communicate – the Right Way

This is pretty straight forward. Poor communication is one of the major reasons why many relationships break down. Either not willing to open up or not willing to listen. If you are going through this situation where your partner does not believe anything you say. Be clear about what you have or have not committed (reflects point #1 admit mistakes). It is okay if he/she don’t believe, you just confess the truth – soon or later your partner will realise.

By not giving all the info or exaggerating the info can lead to unnecessary problems. As soon as you are caught in a lie, every other thing you say will become a lie as well. This will make your partner lose complete hope on your trustworthiness. 

Don’t Ignore Your Own Feelings

The common mistakes in the process of building trust is you tend to ignore your own emotions/feelings. You put your partner first then yourself. It will backfire your relationship soon or later. 

Put yourself first before anyone else. Acknowledge your feelings, share how you exactly feel with your partner.

Never Take Them for Granted

We tend to take things for granted – of the relationship, person, situation or with whatever we have. Just because your partner is willing to listen or willing to believe you – never take it for granted. Appreciate that they are willing to work things out again with you. Be honest, truthful, transparent and reliable to your partner so that things will be back to good days again.

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”

George MacDonald

Remember, just because you have checked all the things above, does not mean things will be back to normal anytime soon. Building trust is not an easy journey; it is a long process: with lots of arguments, heartaches, pains, tears. It may take months, or even years in some cases. Don’t work on things for the end result. Having said this, never give up – all the best in fixing your trust issues.

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