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Keep Calm and Meditate & Overcome Depression

Everyday seems harder to go by then rest for many of us.

Are you feeling suppressed or queasy during this time? Many even find it hard to fall asleep as days have been dragged in our confined space. I am well aware the word mediation has been thrown around us for mental health. 

What is meditation? 

Focusing on our inner self for a brief moment to calm ourselves. This is a time to reflect on thoughts that have been bothering us.

Do I need to attend classes to get started? 

At this high tech era, everything is in fingertip from an actual class. All you need is headphones and your mobile to fully immerse in one class or session. 

Any pro-tip for someone starting? 

Training the mind and thoughts takes few tryouts. It’s exactly like physical fitness but more relaxed and breathing techniques involved. 

Is there any free app for medication? 

Yes, there are plenty! However, mostly requires subscriptions or only limited features available for free version. Keep reading to get the 5 person favourite app of us, that is absolutely FREE.

  1. Samsung Health App (for Samsung users only)
    There is a perk of using Samsung ranged phones. The Samsung health will definitely soothe the mind thoughts with range meditation audio and bed time story to ease into sleep. 
  2. Let’s Mediate App
    Download this gem. This app has an absolute deep connection to the spiritual journey with perfect guidance. 
  3. Insight Timer App
    Self adjusting app in terms of duration of the mediation, the time of preparation, and the sound of the bell. The collection of mediation libraries is huge for free apps.
  4. Meditation and Relaxation App
    Variation of free 7 days programmes to explore around to rain check the mind and wellbeing. It give the sense of completion after the 7days mediation 
  5. Stop, Breathe & Think App
    This app stores everyone something to enjoy. Wide selection of mediation practice for everyone. Very useful breathing techniques to slowly ease up to bed. 

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