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Nike Revolution 5 – Worth Every Penny

Buying pink or purple is not my thing. Well, not that being feminine bothers me but having relatively big feet almost big as my dad’s feet bothers me. Thus, choosing cool men is my alley. In other words, the Nike shoes advertisement managed to catch my attention. After thinking about it for a few mins (deep thought) finally cave in to purchase Nike Revolution 5.

At a glance on their website, the price was relatively affordable yet looks more expensive to compare with Nike React. I paid RM220 which included the delivery charges. The next step was the waiting game. 

After 2 weeks, the orange box arrived home. The shoe looks true to the website. The running shoe feels lightweight and flexible yet the fit is true to size and comfortable. As the upper is so light and thin, there is plenty of room for the foot to move and no hardpoints or pinch points. As the sole stretches out further than the width of the foot, it feels stable, yet comfortable to move in.

The laces when fully tied up were quite short but stayed put and provided no issues during running. In terms of the sole made of foam and definitely has  a more modern look. Overall the initial fit was comfortable and padded yet light.

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