Spice Up Your Intimate Relationship

As we all know, a healthy relationship and marriage life need a good sex life. The common problem in a longterm relationships or marriages is that they don’t have as much as sex as they used to in the beginning. In some cases, one party wants something different then the usual boring sex and another person doesn’t show interest for it. Over the time sex will become a routine thing than an act of desire. 

Believe it or not, most of the marriage fails due to lack of intimacy in their relationship. Physical touches are as important as expressing your care for your partner. These are some of the tips to make your sexual life more interesting. 

Make Time

Totally understand that, once you are married and more settled down, you have more commitments, bills to pay, kids to look after, houseworks and etc. However you both need to find time to have some alone time, to rekindle those wild sides of yours. Don’t make it a commitment or routine. You have to feel like ‘you want it’, and you both have to constantly look for it. 

Put Some Effort

This applies to both – men and women. You both need to spice things up by putting some efforts. Remember, it’s not what you do that matters, it’s how much effort you are putting for it is what will turn them on. Change the ordinary sex stuffs. Get some new lingerie, sexy outfits, text and give her/him some hints for fun night, candle lights, toys, Discuss with your partner and know their fantasies – try to make it happen. Trust me it will make her/him go crazy. 

Ask for It

You have to be satisfied in order to satisfy your partner – it is as simple as that. Ultimately a good sex starts from you. You know your body and what gives you pleasure. For men if a certain position makes you feel better, tell your partner “it feels good this way”. As for women, guide him by saying, “I love when you grab your breast”. The more you say or ask things, your partner will understand your needs from time to time. 

Discuss Your Insecurities

All of us know, our body won’t be the same in 10 or 15 years time. Our performance won’t be the same as our teenage era. Self-awareness is very important – understand your own struggle. Discuss with your partner. Tell him/her that you get tired fast or you can’t do long in a certain position because it hurts your back or something. Don’t be ashamed of it. Discuss with your partner and figure out something about it more than avoiding sex all together. 

Accept Rejection

Rejection in that sense, if your partner is not in the mood or too tired with work, do not get disappointed or don’t be pushy. It doesn’t mean your partner lost interest in you. Maybe they are not in the right mood at that point of time. It is okay to say no sometimes. Give them some time, and casually start sexual texts while they are at work and see how they respond to it. 

The best part of a relationship / marriage is that you both get to share everything and anything sexually with your partner. A good and frequent sex will help a healthy relationship. Now go and spice things up!

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