Trust is the Foundation of Every Relationship

Why Trust is that Important in a Relationship

Trust simply means the faith and confidence you have in someone that they will stay loyal and honest to you no matter what. Having the trust in someone means, you can be in peace in that relationship without any doubts, insecurities and fears of getting cheated. Trust is important for both parties regardless of gender. 

It is the foundation for any relationship.

Imagine this: you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time and you gotta know they have been hiding and lying about something while they are in your relationship. Now, even after you fix that problem, deep down you will be living in fear that the person will cheat you again, and will hide things from you. You will start living in that fear. 

Instead of sharing love, you both will start checking on each other. Most of the relationships fail during this period more than the time they found out about the lies. 

Is it Really That Important? 

Trust is the core element for a relationship. If one of the parties in a relationship starts losing their trust, the relationship won’t sustain for a long time. Eventually, it will fall apart at some point of time. 

You need to have the trust in order to invest yourself in that relationship. Your love, efforts, time and everything you have to offer for this potentially will be your other half. Without trust, you won’t invest yourself too much, you will keep some distance. Hence, that relationship will never grow to the next level. 

Relationship Trust and Honest

Trust is very important for an individual’s mental and emotional health. Nothing is harder than having a thought your partner must be doing something behind your back. You will lose appetite on everything. Your mind will be constantly worrying about it. It is very unhealthy. 

Build Trust in Relationships!

I don’t believe in starting a relationship with full of trust. If someone says that they trust you 100% in the first month of relationship – that is bulls*it. It does not work that way. It takes years to trust someone completely (even then people fail). In the beginning you can have faith in that person – that’s all. Slowly you can build trust based on:

  • how transparent that person is to you.
  • whether they admit their mistakes or trying to cover it. 
  • if they put you as their priority, as in available for you always. 
  • check if they are online at odd hours and try to cover it. 
  • they are worried about their social accounts privacy with you.
  • see if they are very mindful about their mobile to you.
  • intimate relationship with your partner.

But having said all these – if someone decides to lie/hide they will do it however. If that is the case, just trust your instinct. If you feel something is not right, just ask them straight. Clear the air there and there itself. Don’t keep it to yourself and don’t try to convince yourself that this person won’t do anything behind your back. Most of the time, your instinct will be right.

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