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10 Must Have Things in Every Men’s Gym Bag

Whether you are a hardcore gym freak or newbie into this fitness lifestyle, you will need these essential workout things in your gym bag to maximise your fitness performance. These are my favourite things for workout. 

Bag – Under Armour Project Rock Backpack

Let me be honest, I am a big fan of Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock! Hence, I have been following all his products for Under Armour. This is definitely one of my favourites. With the right amount of compartments and good quality material. 

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Shoes – Vibram Men’s Cross Training Shoe

I have been wearing barefoot (Adidas and Vibram) shoes for a couple of years for my gym workouts. Compared to other normal sport shoes, I personally prefer barefoot shoes, simply because it feels comfortable, especially during leg day workouts. Vibram’s shoe gives slightly better comfort compared to Adidas. 

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Headphone – JBL LIVE 400BT 

Obviously all of us need loud music and motivating while we are working on those transformation goals. I have written an article about my favourite wireless headset JBL LIVE 400BT, check it out

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T-shirt – Under Armour HeatGear Armour Sleeveless

There are plenty of benefits for compression T-shirts. It improves muscle oxygenation, reduces muscle fatigue, relieves muscle soreness and serves form-fitting workouts well. Personally suggest Under Armour for its material type and comfort. 

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Water Bottle – PANKIO 2.2L

Doesn’t matter if you’re lifting weights or strength training, you need to stay hydrated. Avoid searching for water provided at the gym in between each set. Keep a big water bottle next to you to keep yourself hydrated. This 2.2L Pankio bottle is BPA free and easy to carry around.

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This is a very subjective matter. It depends what your goal is or what you are trying to achieve. For me, I was underweight and trying to gain decent weight before I started shredding. Hence, I have been taking BSN True Mass for the past 1 year plus and it gives very good results for me. Read the full review here. Buy it Here. 

Energy Bar

Energy bar or protein bar was reformulated and reinvented to be used as fuel for athletes, and gym freaks to provide the required energy. There tonnes of brands out there, make sure pick the right one. Buy it Here.

Wrist Straps

This is important if you are a heavy lifter. I personally don’t like to use the glove type, so I have been using wrist straps for quite sometime now and it does the work perfectly to keep the grip on the bar or dumbbells. 

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Weightlifting Belt 

Weightlifting belt does help us to lift heavy by tightening our core muscles. It also helps to protect our back during deadlifts. A must have item for heavy lifters. 

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Protein Mixer Shaker Bottle

Utopia Home Bottles have a wide mouth that makes it easy to add powder scoops and liquids.

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Fit Watch – Fitbit Versa 3 Health

This is an essential item for everyone to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and to keep track of your workout. Will write a full review on Fitbit Versa 3 Fitness watch soon.

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