25 Great Fun & Romantic Date Ideas

The truth is, we have always been doing the same thing in our relationship and dates. Either movie, dinner or walking around in malls kinda dates. It is okay to have these typical dates here and there. 

However, you need to spice things up in your relationship or keep it more interesting. Whether you are dating your partner for months or years, even if you are married, you need some fun and adventure dates once in a while. 

We have short-listed 25 best date ideas that are not so expensive to make your relationship more healthy and interesting. 

Travel Together

Plan a vacation (can be your partner’s dream destination), start researching, plan your budget (it can be a budget trip, it will be still special to you both). 

Go for a Hike

Exploring and the element of adventure with your partner will add some excitement to your date. 

Hit to the Gym

If you both are into fitness, why don’t you workout together on a weekend. Do cardio, couples workout, and sweat together.

Try New Food

Look for food that you both never tried before. Good or bad, it’s nice to try with something new with the special ones. 

Movie Night

Plan a cozy movie night in your own home. Sometimes, this is way better than going to a theatre for a million reasons. And of course, it can lead to a good make out if things get steamy.

Have Game Night

Board games will leave you both laughing and having a blast. There are few restaurants that provide board games while dining. 

Be Tourists in your own Town

Go sightseeing around your city. Take some insta-worthy pictures. 

Movie Marathon

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If there are few movies that you both want to watch, then just spend a day for a movie marathon. 

Play Sports 

Consider badminton, tennis or swimming for some sporting fun. You both don’t have to be pro players for this.

Travel to the Nearest Beach or Lake

This can be a good surprise plan for your partner. Don’t tell anything to your partner, just drive them to the closest beach or lake and soak up the sun. This will put a smile on their face. 

Spa Day

Most underrated activity. With a couples massage, you both can get  more intimate and romantic.

Go for a Walk
Truth is – a date can be as simple as going on a walk while you both have heart-to-heart conversation. 

Watch the Sunset
This is my ultimate favourite (to have two of my favourite things at the same time). 

Go Bowling
Kinda old-school idea, but if you are up for laughing and fun, this will never fail. 

Go for Ice Cream

Ice cream can make anyone happy! Get some ice cream and spend time together and it can be the sweetest day ever (literally).

Visit the Zoo

You both can spend time together walking around, take some tours and eat some snacks.

Play Video Game 

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You can make this interesting. Don’t just see it as game instead you can make interesting: ‘the winner gets a massage or “something” at the end of the night’ #spicy

Visit Pet Expo

For animal lovers, this can be an adorable date even if you’re just there to pet some fluffy babies. 

Car-free Date

Take public transport to a nearby city. Hold each other’s hands and have good chat throughout the journey.

Go for a Day Trip or Long Drive

Romantic Date Idea

Just don’t plan too much about this. Decide the destination and just go there, eat what you come across, try new foods, take lots and lots of pictures together.

Go Book Shopping Together

It is okay if one of you is not a book person. Following your partner can make the date feel special and of course it can be fun too.

Plan a Staycation

Doesn’t have to be a super luxury staycation. It can be a simple/decent hotel, as long as you both have a romantic time together there. 

Romantic Date Idea

Go To Flee Market

Walking around at an outdoor market under hot sun from booth to booth is a fun way to get to know one another’s likings.

Donate Blood Together

This is not a typical thing to do, but you both will feel good about each other and it is for a good cause, so why not? 

Recreate your First Date

Doesn’t matter how long you both have been dating. It’s time for you to rekindle the very first memory. Go to the same place, order the same food but this time it will be much more special.

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