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Amazfit T-Rex Pro: Affordable Fitness Watch

For those who are looking for a budget-friendly fitness watch, there are only a few brands on the market. Amazfit is one of the brands that stands out to me for their variety of watch series with attractive price tags. 

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is one of the most expensive watch within the brand. With military-grade toughness, it comes with over 100 sport / workout modes and few health features such as heart-rate monitor, sleep tracking, etc. 


I must say that I love how this watch looks. At first, I was worried it would look too bulky on my wrist, but it is not. In fact, it looks perfect and it feels very lightweight. This rugged looking watch is built out of polycarbonate that can withstand extreme temperature and conditions. 

The watch comes in three colours: Meteorite Black, Desert Grey, and Steel Blue. I went for Meteorite Black since I’m a fan of black. The strap is comfortable, even though I’m wearing it for 24 hours and has lots of adjustment for all wrist sizes.

It comes with few standard watch faces (TBH they look very outdated). However you can download more watch faces from Zepp App (official App of Amazfit). You can find some attractive watch faces and you can even customise slightly for some watch faces. 

Battery Life

When it comes to smartwatches / fitness watches, the most important factor is battery life. To be honest, I am very impressed with Amazfit T-Rex Pro’s battery life. It lasts up to 7 days for me. For some users it lasts  up to 10 days. And it takes less than an hour to charge from 5% to 100%. 

Fitness Features

You get a fitness watch mainly to track your workouts / sport activities. The watch has more than 100 sports modes, it covers most of the sports. Running, hiking, rowing, indoor fitness, strength training, cycling, swimming, football and more. 

I have been using the watch for walking, hiking, indoor workouts and badminton. There is no specific mode for badminton, so I am just using indoor training for badminton and it is recognised as an aerobic workout. That is a slight disappointment for me. Other than that, it tracks heart rate and it alarms if you need to get rest in between if your heart rate reaches too high.

You can view the basic workout information directly on the watch. More detailed information is available on the Zepp app. I only have one grip with the watch after more than three weeks of use. I must test the watch for other workouts. 

Health Features

One of the reasons for me to get a smartwatch / fitness watch is to track my sleep. I am very impressed with its accuracy. However, I am not sure how accurate the REM, Deep Sleep, and Light Sleep numbers are. Additionally, the watch also can measure naps that are 20 minutes or longer. 

The heart rate detector and Sp02 blood sugar readings are accurate as well as I compared the result with an oximeter. 

Rugged design
Great battery life
Affordable price
Number of workout modes
Not all the sports are available
Inconsistent step counter

For RM500+ you are getting a damn good looking watch with a good battery life and tonnes of great features. I think it is worth every single penny.

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