Best Place to Have Budget Lunch in Subang Jaya

Besides being the busiest restaurant in SS14 during lunch hour, Restoran Wong Soon is also known for offering some of the best dishes. There are a number of stalls in that shop – economy rice, pork noodles, mee curry, char keow teow, fried rice and more. However, that place is famous for the nasi lemak with fried chicken. 

The highlight of this nasi lemak is the chicken. Even though the nasi lemak is nothing to shout about. The usual nasi lemak with sides. However, the chicken is so good. It is crispy outside and still juicy inside. 

Another dish we ordered was Prawn Noodle. I personally tried many prawn mee, and often the broth was either flavourless or too watery, But this this place’s prawn mee was too good. The broth was sweet and aromatic, and the flavour elevated when noodles and ingredients were added into the bowl. 

The prawn mee was RM6. Meanwhile the nasi lemak with chicken cost about RM9.

Restoran Wong Soon
1, Jalan SS 14/1, SS 14
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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