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Day-trip to Pattaya, Thailand from Bangkok

One of the most visited city in Thailand is Pattaya. It is known for the beach, foods, shopping, entertainment options and night life –  Pattaya is undoubtedly one of the most favourite destinations for travellers. Located 150 km away from Bangkok, Pattaya is the perfect weekend getaway. 

Pattaya Beach View

Getting There

From Bangkok, you can hire private taxis, mini van or bus to get to Pattaya. It takes about two hours, but it varies depending upon traffic.

Pattaya Floating Market

Lunch at floating market

One of well known market in Thailand is floating market in Pattaya. You will find everything here from tonnes of mouth-watering foods, beautiful paintings, souvenirs and cloths. Pattaya floating market offers the best foods as its known for blend of the four diverse regions of Thailand. Northern, Southern, Central, and North Eastern -you can expect some delicious traditional cuisine, as well as some, well exotic options – like crocodile meats. Note that, there will be an entrance fee for this market. 

Pork Skewer Satay

Sunset at Central Pattaya Beach

There is no better way to start your beach time than the popular Central Pattaya Beach, which is a crescent-shaped beach and four kilometres long. It is a beach full of life, with hotels, restaurants, shopping malls on the road nearby. For sunset lovers like us, you will enjoy the breathtaking view.

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