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Dove Beauty Bar – MoisturiSing Cream

Being that sucker for skincare by judging  pretty packaging and beautiful smell my whole life starting from adolescence. The end of my 20’s got me really thinking about great clean products! After going through a gallons of liquid bath soap, finally soap that has worked for me with delivering moisture and leaving my skin soft has been the Dove Beauty Bar-Moisturising Cream.

Dove has been in the market for decades and is a famous brand for a very long time. Major population might or have been using it in their daily showers/baths. I’m going to break down this beauty bar for you.


  • Cruelty free 
  • PETA logo in relation to the cruelty of animal inclinations.
  • Dove campaign encourage women from different shape and colour


  • Animal fat is used in the making of the soap 
  • Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans 

Shall drive deep into various scent of dove bars?

Shea Butter Beauty Cream Dove Bar 

Moisture after using: definitely 
Smell: if you’re vanilla scent lover like me then this is the bar for you

Go Fresh Moisture Beauty Dove Bar

Moisture after using: I bet it does 
Smell: it smells like freshness… sort of like waterfall road trip 

Go Fresh Revive Beauty Cream Dove Bar 

Moisture after using: of course 
Smell: smells like a perfect blend of pomegranate and lemon. Very feminine smell

Pink Beauty Cream Bar

Moisture after using: damn yes 
Smell: very similar to the classic dove bar with baby powder smell

Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Ceam Bar 

Moisture after using: most moisturising 
Smell: ocean smell but dove.. hahaha 

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