Fat Baby Ice Cream is My Guilt Pleasure

Public holiday calls for a happy treat!  Oh well, mine was quite a common prediction similar to many others. In other words, I order a pin ice cream to feed my homebody. I enjoyed fat baby ice cream from SS15 Subang as my guilty indulgences. Salty caramel is my favourite flavour right after vanilla ice cream (basic I know).

Before diving in any further, I have been to the ice cream shop a few times. The ambience reflects a chill and hipster vibe throughout. Moving on the flavours, they carry Salted Caramel, Coffee Crunch, Coconut Candy, Chocolate, Apple Crumble, Berry White, Bountiful and Madagascar Vanilla Bean.

They have only a few flavours but they do it exceptionally well.

In terms of price point, two-scoop is RM13. I believe it’s in the range of homemade ice cream out there. I will recommend this place for a creamy experience.

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