How to Avoid Constant Fights in a Relationship

It’s very common to have fights and arguments in any relationship. In fact, studies show that it is good to a certain extent of fights in a relationship. It is an opportunity for the couple to understand their partner better. However, when the fight goes beyond a certain level, it will break the relationship apart. 

Let’s discuss how to avoid some unnecessary arguments or to stop small arguments turn into a huge fights in a relationship.

Listen First

Instead of throwing words or start shouting at your partner, calm yourself for a sec and listen to what your partner is trying to say. When you stop saying things, your partner will immediately realise and he/she will listen to your side of rationale as well. This will subside both of your anger and you are more likely to have a proper conversation to fix the issues. 

Do Not Raise Your Voice

Yelling at each other will never solve any issue, it will only make things worse. Moreover, it is just pointless and a waste of energy. If your partner is raising his/her voice, you just stop talking; let them finish it and you speak to them in a normal tone. Trust me, they will instantly stop yelling or raising their voice.  

Don’t Threaten to End the Relationship

Big NO. I have experienced this myself, every other small issue, my partner will say, let’s just end it. This type of emotional blackmail doesn’t bring any good to the situation. It will make the other person panic or angry. The fight might settle soon but the words can leave a long lasting impact on your partner. 

Accept Instead of Blaming

Common mistakes couples make during a fight, they blame each other for the fight. Try to accept whatever your mistake is, and say sorry to your partner. You will realise your partner will do the same thing immediately or at least in future. One of you must make the first move for it if you want to avoid constant arguments in that relationship.

No Physical or Verbal Abuse

If this ever happens, it is a major red flag for that relationship. I suggest you to end that relationship and move on – it is not safe to be in that relationship anymore. No one has the rights to abuse another person, regardless of any situation. 

Before you make any drastic decisions out of anger right after a fight, you need to understand, you both are having a fight/argument because you both care about the relationship. So put your relationship first before your anger. Think wisely before you decide.

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