Insecurity Can Cause Breakup in a Relationship

According to a survey, almost every single person has insecurities and self doubts every now and then, and that is absolutely normal. However, when the insecurity turns into jealousy and begins to surface your relationship, it will slowly create small issues that eventually turn into a major problem. In some cases, it leads to a break up.

If you think you are having relationship issues due to insecurities, these steps might help you.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem will cause jealousy in relationships and you will feel you are not worthy for your partner and so on. You will start doubting that your partner may be attracted to someone else and the fear will cause damage you emotionally and mentally. That will reflect as arguments and fights in your relationship.

I have been suffering with self-esteem for a long time and been working on my self esteem by hitting the gym. It works for me. It helps to divert the negative thoughts into something more productive. Additionally, fitness will help you to feel good: mentally and physically.

Overthinking? STOP IT!

If your partner says that he/she is going to bed early, that means they are going to bed. Stop thinking that they might be out with someone or they must be doing something else. The first step is to stop “what if” questions. Just tell yourself that your partner is not doing anything, he/she had a long day at work and that is why going to bed early. By doing this, you will slowly reprogramme the way you think.

Let Go Your Past!

Past relationship failures can make a huge impact in your current relationship if you don’t let it go. Especially for someone who has insecurities. You will start to relate back what your ex did to you in the past with your current partner. The more you hold on to it, the more you feel unappreciated or rejected. 

Try to talk to your friends or seek for an expert’s help in this case. It is best to discuss with your partner what you went through in the past in the beginning stage itself, so that your partner will understand if any argument happens. 

Trust: Yourself & Your Partner

As I mentioned in the previous article, trust is the key for a relationship. It is the key for a healthy and happy relationship. Your partner have to give assurance that they won’t cheat you and you have to trust their words. This will solve most of your insecurity feelings. Having said that, never ignore your own instincts.

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful!

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