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Our Home Buying Journey + Home Defect Inspection

A new chapter of our life has unfolded. After searching for the right house for us for many years. At last, we agreed to get a house in Setia Alam Impian by SP Setia for a few reasons. Mainly because of the location. It is located in the middle of both our parents’ houses. Plus, we are just 10 -15 minutes away from our siblings and so on. 

It is an end-lot unit  an end-lot unit with a build up of 19xx sqft and extra land about 1,400 sqft. Other specs are normal as other landed properties. We will write a series of articles on our home owning journey, renovation and getting furniture and fittings. Would like to get ideas and tips from everyone.  

Our house was finally ready after waiting more than 2 years upon booking. It was delayed by 5 months due to the pandemic. At last, we collected our keys in Mid July. Because it was the FMCO period, we were unable to find professionals to proceed with defect inspection. Had to wait 3 weeks for the FMCO to uplift before engaging the inspection experts. 

While waiting for the FMCO to over, we got quotations from a few defect inspection companies during FMCO: 

Home Inspection MalaysiaTop Haus Home InspectionAnother Company (can’t recall their name)
Unavailable Immediately After FMCOAvailable Right After FMCOUnavailable Immediately After FMCO

The prices were more or less the same, however we decided to go with Top Haus since they were the only ones available immediately after FMCO.

Top Haus Home Inspection

Overall we are happy with their service (watch the video for defects details). Very easy to communicate and prompt replies. Azfar Aizuddin and Ammar Azhar attended during the inspection; and they spent about 3 hours plus to complete the job. They were very friendly and answered all the questions. After the inspection they ran through all the defects with us and briefed us what to do next. There weren’t any major defects (thank god). However there were a lot of minor-minor defects such as hairline cracks, poor workmanship on fittings & painting, hollow wall tiles, etc. 

– Easy to communicate
– Satisfied with work
– Friendly
– Punctual
– Pricy compare to competitors
– They overlooked few defects
– They don’t inspect roof

They sent the ‘inspection assessment report’ in 4 days from the day of inspection. Report was 92 pages with defects description, photos of the defects and suggested corrective action. Report was very detailed, it was easier for us to cross check it. The downside of Top Haus is their price and they don’t inspect the roof – which we think is an important part. 

Defect Repairs

After submitting the inspection assessment report to SP Setia, we had to chase them a couple of times just to get email acknowledgement from the management. After 4 days, I received the call from the person in charge for the repairs. It’s been a week plus, the defect repairs are still not done yet. If you are planning to get house Alam Impian, be prepared for poor management. 

Meanwhile, we manage to get quotations from a number of contractors for some major extension works. We will write on extensions plans, and contractors in the next article. 

We will be sharing our home owning to renovation journey of our first home. Check out the series of articles here.

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