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Perfect Chips for Couch Potato

Say you are going to have a movie time, with your partner or family or friends. The first thing you need to decide is what to munch. Obvious answer: Snacks! Nothing is as perfect as tortilla chips with nice cheese dips (or even better if its homemade guacamole).

The problem is, there are tonnes of options there in the market. Which one to choose? Either its salty af or it will be just air-filled over priced chips. 

We have tried a few tortilla chips during our recent staycation and short listed 2 of our favourite chips and a dips that is tasty and worth the money. We make your tortilla chips decision easier! 

Mission BBQ Flavoured Tortilla Chips

When it comes to the variety of tortilla chips, Mission definitely has the most. There are 7 flavours out there (maybe more) and we have tried 4 flavours. What we liked about this is not too salty like most of the brands out there. Keeping a simple ingredient list is what helps keep these chips on our best list.

Definitely worth buying! Can get in any local stores or online. We found cheap deal here.

California Creamery Tortilla Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce

We have mixed feelings about this. If it’s just chips alone, it’s perfect. It’s crunchy and flavourful. However the Nacho cheese sauce – first of all, it’s not real cheese. Second, it doesn’t taste like cheese. Third, it tastes horrible. Nevertheless, the chips are really good. It goes perfectly with salsa dips.

Can buy for the chips, not for the dips. Good deal here.

Simply Delish – Chunky Dip (Basil+Cashew+Parmesan)

We just love all the dips by Simply Delish. This made in Australia product doesn’t surprise us with the quality ingredients and lots of flavours.

Can find in premium stores since its an imported product. Expensive but worth it

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