Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Marriage is the most important phase in anyone’s life. And it is also the most crucial decision to make since we have to live and build a family with this person. Although love is the ultimate important element for a happy marriage. However it is alone not enough. In order to have a successful marriage, there is more than just love involved, such as financial, intimacy, kids, comfort and more.

Compatibility vs Incompatibility 

It is almost impossible to get married to someone who is 100% compatible with us. It is okay to have incompatibility with your future partner as long as you both understand and give and take. Hence, it is best you question your partner these questions.

  • Is there anything that you are not willing to give up?
  • Can we have vacation early once to have special time for us?
  • How can we handle fights and arguments after marriage?
  • Are we both willing to apologise or forgive?
  • How will we make decisions together?


Sexual life is one of the key ingredients for a healthy marriage life. There are tonnes of marriages that fail due to lack of intimacy. Spare some time to discuss this – it is also a good opportunity to know your partner well. 

  • What is your love language?
  • How can we fulfil each other’s sexual desires – needs and fears?
  • Define what is ‘sexually unattractive’ for you?
  • What will happen if one of us unable to have sex due to medical reason?
  • Is there anything I should know about your sexual past?

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Almost every other couple start their marriage life with debts, be it education loan, house or car loan or other debts. That is why financial questions are the most important questions to ask before marriage. 

  • What do you think of having debts?
  • How about your future financial plans?
  • How will we work if we have financial difficulties? 
  • What are your future career plans?
  • What are your future saving and investment plans?

Health / Lifestyle 

All of us are stepping into our new chapter with marriage, hoping we will spend the rest of our life with this person. It is important to know how your partner is taking care of herself/himself. 

  • How will you take care of your health?
  • Will you involve yourself in fitness?
  • How will you look after your physical appearances?
  • Are you willing to control your habits, such as smoking / drinks / others?


I am sure everyone will discuss this before marriage. However there are more than those general questions.

  • Is having kids part of your future plan?
  • How many kids?
  • How can we manage financially when we have kids? 
  • Type of education and upbringing to choose for the kid(s)?
  • What is your take on adoption?


Everyone wants a comfortable, healthy and happy life with the better half after marriage. 

  • How do you handle anger?
  • Do you believe in alone time?
  • Is there anything you want me to change, after marriage?
  • If we have any major fights, are you willing to seek an expert’s (counsellor) help?
Others questions to ask:
  • What do you think of having pets?
  • Can we consider pets as kids, if we are unable to have human kids?
  • What do you believes in terms of religion and spirituality?
  • What is your take and contributions for humanity / environment?

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