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Planning The House Design Style

It has been one and a half months since we collected our house key and we completed our defect inspection. While the defect rectification works are in the process by the developer’s contractor, we decided to plan our renovation ideas. 

First and foremost, we wanted to short-list the style we like. Like every other couples’ case, we had arguments in the beginning since each of us liked two different styles. But in the end, we decided to have a mixed style. 

Getting Inspiration

Pinterest is the best place to get inspiration for interior design ideas. Besides that, atap.com is another good website to get some ID ideas, since they feature local projects.

These are some of the styles we’d like to follow…

But we will only focus on interior design style if our budget allows. Our priority is to get the wet works done – especially the extension part.


We have set a budget of 170k for renovation, ceiling works, electrical and painting works. We have no idea if this is a realistic budget, but we will discuss it with experts first. In the next article we will list out the ID & contractors we discuss with. 

We will be sharing our home owning to renovation journey of our first home. Check out the series of articles here.

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