Romantic Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

Saying I love you all the time can mean a lot to your partner. But sometimes you need a little extra effort to show them how much you appreciate them. A simple efforts, gestures and the things you do, can bring so much joy and happiness to your partner. 

It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. A simple sticky note saying “can’t wait to see you tonight” can put a big smile on their face. Here we have compiled some simple yet thoughtful ideas to surprise your better half.

Plan a Surprise Day Trip

Unplanned day trips are the best. Even better if it’s a surprise trip. It will be a memorable day for both of you.

…and Sunset Walk

This is my personal favourite. If your partner loves sunset, during the day trip bring him/her to a nearby beach and spend time holding hands and enjoying the sunset.

Send Her Flowers

This is mainly for guys! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, just send a flower bouquet to her office with a romantic note. 

Fetch Them From Work

If they are having a rough day, try to surprise them at their workplace; pick them up for dinner; listen to their work issues. Sometimes they just want you there in person to listen to their story.

Leave a Note

If you get up earlier in the morning, leave a romantic note on the fridge or car windscreen before you leave to work.

Romantic Date Dinner

If there is any special occasion like, anniversary, his/her promotion, or even simply, bring your partner for a romantic candle light dinner. Ask your partner to be free on that night, but don’t tell him/her the plan. Have a heartfelt conversation while enjoying the ambiance and meal. 

Pack Lunch for Them

Why don’t you cook their favourite food, and pack for them with a note “enjoy your favourite meal love!”. 

Write Them Love Letter

This may sound a little old-school in this digital era. But trust me, it is not the same as sending them a WhatsApp message. Write a letter with your own handwriting – they will treasure it. 

Take Interest in Their Hobby

If you are not an outdoor person and your partner loves outdoor activities you can give them a romantic surprise by joining them. “It’s an easy way to show affection and it might also lead to some new and fun experiences. Chances are you might just like it, and it could even strengthen your connection.” says Megan Harrison, a relationship therapist.

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