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Sekinchan – Perfect Day-Trip from Kuala Lumpur

After our recent Phuket, we been craving a little beach action during Chinese New Year break (long break craze). As we were planning for a day trip around 1-2 hours of drive Kuala Lumpur, one thing was in our mind that was the bad traffic.

Thus, we settled for Sekinchan – place with beautiful paddy field, beach and tonnes of delicious seafoods. We drove to Sekinchan with crystal clear sky and traffic free road as well – surprisingly.

The journey took us about an hour plus long where mini karaoke, tremendous amount gossip exchange happen and lastly some  discussion about the day trip.

We dropped by at the fruit stall in Sekinchan. You can find tonnes of fruit stalls along the main road, everyone selling the same fruits for almost the same price. We stopped by get homegrown corn, mangoes, pineapple and durians. Fresh fruits of cheap good price.

Redang Beach & The Wishing Tree

Our first stop was the wishing tree at Redang beach. This wishing tree is a practicing custom done by locals. There was a Chinese temple right next to the tree. The red ribbon can be obtain from there with some amount of donation to the temple. On the red ribbon, the custom courage to write it down the wishes and  throw the ribbon onto the tree. (Ribbon ain’t that long for super long wish).

This wish definitely grant the Instagram worthy picture. Right opposite of the wish tree where the beautiful Redang beach was located. The white sand beach gave us a  glimpse of Phuket beaches (find our Phuket video from our Youtube). At this time, our stomach decided to sent a smoke signal for hunger.

Beautiful Paddy Field

We drove to the town (about 10 minutes drive from the beach) to grab a quick lunch. In our itinerary we wanted to visit the Paddy Gallery and Ah Ma House Bakery near the paddy field. You can find their homemade  ‘signature’ kuih bahulu (type of snack), Pineable tart, variety of cookies and other stuffs.

Sekinchan Paddy Field

Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t in our favour – and the paddy gallery was closed. Hence, we decided to take a brisk walking along the paddy field for Instagram-able pictures.

Dessert Time

All the sun basking needed some cooling to do with the colourful ABC also known as Ais Kacang – is one of the famous street food/dessert in Malaysia. The shaved ice was so colourful with abundance of elements such as peanut, grass jelly (cincau), rose syrup and a touch of Oreo biscuit. As we indulge ourself with the dessert, we were welcomed by the Lovely sunset.

One of the favourite activities around Redang beach includes flying kite  and fishing. The joy is in the simple things in life; that simplified our Sekincan trip. 


  • check on the weather (use google weather is sufficient)
  • check on the opening hour
    – paddy gallery has admission fee and specific opening hours
  • sunglass
  • sunblock
  • wear a hat/cap
  • umbrella
  • keep yourself hydrated
  • extra power supply, power bank is important for the Instagramers

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