Support Quality Over Brand

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. The review is not food but even more essential like a good support sports bra. I enjoy outdoor activities ranging from brisk walking, hiking, obstacle races and marathons. All activities require a massive amount of self discipline and also a good cushion supportive sport bra. 

Personally, I never understand the point of a sports bra without built-in padding or even one that looks like a bikini top.I prefer built-in padding with hooks and a course that covers side boobs. The cherry on top of all this preference will be the attractive colourful support I would say. My preference comes with a large price tag in most cases. 

My search for affordable yet check all the checklists lead to the Decathlon sports attire section. Due to the strict movement order, the fitting wasn’t allowed at that moment. I saw a tag with high support with RM 39 . I was skeptical but why not ? 

Considered Feature 

What are the colours available ? 
Grey & Black.

Does it come with a built-in padded bra? 
Nope but it covers the ‘girls’ well.

How does it feel to workout in it? 
Firmly holds the breast even hurricane happens.

Will I recommend this to anyone? 
YES but the fabric might get worn out over time… the elasticity will be overly stretched.

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