This is All Men Want in a Relationship

Let’s be honest. We often see articles on the internet or magazines on what women want in a relationship. We rarely see men’s relationship needs. Most of us think, men will be happy just by providing them good sex in a relationship. That is absolutely wrong. 

Men don’t say or ask these things out. Hence, to make it easy for all the ladies out there, we list out six things men want in a relationship. 


When a guy puts efforts to make you happy and please you, he will crave for appreciation in return. All he wants to hear is, tell him what you love about him, tell him how much you appreciate the things he does for you. If he dresses up for a date, tell him he looks good in that shirt. Thank him for working hard for the future family. But make sure it is a genuine compliment. 


It works both ways. The men have to respect women and women have to respect the men for a healthy relationship. This can be as simple as listening to him when he talks without interrupting him. Avoid giving him negative comments on his suggestions or ideas. 


We have discussed this in our previous article. This is what both men and women want in a relationship. 


Secured Feeling

Feeling uncertainty in a relationship is not going to help. Especially for men, they will seek a secured relationship. They want to see women put effort to work on that relationship and family together; be it growing financially or emotionally. 


Relationships for men are not just to go out for dates and get intimate with. Men want a partner where they can build a life together, make important decisions with, share everything, and value each other’s opinion. Top of all that, to be successful in life all together. They want someone who works together with them to achieve their dream and goals. 


Male and female connect through communication and sex. Female connects better with verbal communication, however men connects better through sex. Intimacy not just in bed but it also includes physical touches and hugging. Engage with him physically as well as romantically.

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