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Vaseline Body Gel: Skincare Review

Keeping body hydrated starts from body shower, body scrub to remove the dead cells then moving on to body moisturiser. (Conventional step for flawless skin regime).

Body moisturiser transformed tremendously over years in terms of consistency, properties, and packaging that holds the product. If you’re from Asian continent like me, skin hydration is key to look flawless. 

The Vaseline is a world renowned brand for skincare selection that is available in drugstores. Vaseline Fresh Cooling Body Gels reminds me of aloe vera gel that comes with tube packaging.

All We Know About Vaseline Body Gels

Vaseline Body Gels has a water-based formula that absorbs instantly into the skin. On top of that, doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue behind. The petroleum jelly and vitamin B3 presented in the product emphasises skin well-moisturised all day!

The special feature of the gel formula contains micro-encapsulated beads with jojoba seed oil, buckwheat and Vitamin E. Hence, this will burst upon application to effectively deliver all the skincare goodness to your skin. This product definitely will feel instantly more hydrated while looking more youthful and radiant by the day.

What makes Vaseline Body Gels particularly perfect for Malaysia’s hot and humid weather is the fact that it feels not only refreshing but literally cooling on the skin. Moreover, this is a moisturiser you would actually love putting on your skin. (#hack: keep the moisture in the refrigerator for cold application).

List of Gels

Vaseline Body Gel Fresh & Hydrated main component bamboo leaf extract that is full of antioxidants to soothe and hydrate the skin.

High quality vitamin-rich rice water the Vaseline Body Gel Fresh & Radiant will brighten up the skin for a more radiant appearance.

Vaseline Body Gel Fresh & Youthful nourishes and rejuvenates the skin with ginseng extracts that are rich in phytonutrients for bouncier skin.

Availability & Price

Available at pharmacy stores as Guardian, Watson and online shopping platforms. It costs RM17.90 for 180ml.

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